T-1 service is the industry’s leading broadband service choice for businesses. Nextera’s high-performance T-1 combines voice and data on single circuits, maximizing efficiency and agility. For those relying on e-commerce, CRM solutions, online data storage, or other high-bandwidth applications, we deliver either bonded T-1s or fixed 4G WiMax (wireless) to ensure continuity of mission-critical applications. Nextera bonds multiple T-1s into one affordable, seamless connection to deliver up to 6 Mbps of symmetrical speed. WiMax provides the same reliability with symmetrical speeds up to 100 Mbps or more.

Integrated T-1: Assigned Capacities for Voice and Data

  • Each Integrated T-1 provides 1.5 Mbps of bandwidth
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds per circuit
  • Dedicated voice or data traffic per 64 kbps channel
  • Directly connects to a PBX or Key System
  • Configuration of either a PRI or CAS interface
  • Bond multiple circuits for increased bandwidth
  • Inbound only, Outbound only, or 2-way voice trunks

Flex Dynamic T-1: Fully Utilizes Bandwidth According to Needs

  • Shared voice and data traffic with single circuit purchase
  • Data ‘bursts’ to full available bandwidth as voice calls start and end
  • Flexible voice options include derived analog lines
  • Wireline and WiMax (using fixed wireless facility) availability; professional, fast installation
  • Improved productivity with options like Auto Attendant and Conferencing


T-1s provide outstanding value because you can capitalize on your equipment investment with a single service that handles both your voice and internet needs. Because the equipment you’re using doesn't change, implementation is smooth -- there’s no need to re-train employees on basic calling features and functions.

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Bigger Bandwidth

Did you know that trends show two-thirds of all businesses in the United States want to increase bandwidth in the next 12 months to keep up with technology demands?