Porting Policies and Procedures

Porting Policy

Nextera Communications ports telephone numbers in accordance with applicable Regulatory Rules and Industry Guidelines. Nextera Communications will honor a Port Out Request from any authorized carrier (including cellular carriers) where the carrier indicates that they are in possession of a letter of authorizations from the end user customer.

Instructions for port out requests can be found below.

As a land line carrier, Nextera Communications will only port in telephone numbers that are associated with rate centers in which Nextera Communications provides local exchange services.

Port - Out Contacts and Procedures

Nextera Communications hours of business are Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm.

CSR Requests: Can be sent to CSR.LSR.Requests@nextera.net

  • Requests will be met within 2 business days of receipt and emailed to the winning provider.
  • An LOA must accompany the CSR request with legible authorized signature required.

LSR Requests: Nextera Communications requires an LSR using LSOG v6 and emailed to CSR.LSR.Requests@nextera.net.

No handwritten LSRs please.

Company Name Nextera Communications

Wireline or Wireless



Both OCN and SPID is 149D

LSR Version ID / FOC Version ID


Facility Based or Reseller

Facility Based

Monday - Friday

We accept and process orders Monday - Friday and will respond to your order within 48 hours. Our business hours are Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm central time.

Saturday - Sunday

Our offices are closed on Saturday and Sundays.


Nextera Communications observes New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Day before Independence, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day.

Nextera's guidelines for holiday observance is:

  • If the holiday falls on a Saturday, then the observed holiday is Friday.

  • If the holiday falls on a Sunday, then the observed holiday is Monday.

Due Date Intervals

Requested due dates must be a minimum of 5 business days from the date of the LSR or sup was sent. Any CSR/LSR received after 3pm will be considered received on the next business day.

Porting Beyond FOC Date

We allow a 24-hour grace period for porting beyond the FOC due date. Orders not ported on DD or DD+1 require a sup for a new due date meeting the 5-business day minimum interval.

If you do not port your customer on DD or DD+1 and we do not receive a sup for a new DD  within 5 business days of the FOC date, the order will be canceled in our system.

If the order is canceled in our systems and you still want to port the customer, you will be required to send us a new LSR with a new unique PON number that meets the 5-business day minimum interval.

Expedite Requests

We work all orders on a first in, first out basis. Under no circumstances will we deviate from this process.

We will give consideration to providing an accelerated DD interval only for medical facilities that are out of service. Our accelerated DD interval is 3 business days and requires advance approval prior to submitting an LSR. To receive consideration for an accelerated DD, please utilize Nextera's escalation contact list.

Status Requests

For order status inquiries and questions about FOCs or rejects, Nextera will speak only to the entity that sends the LSR. If a carrier utilizes a third party vendor or clearinghouse to submit LSRs to us, we will only speak to the submitting entity regarding the LSR. If a carrier that utilizes a third party vendor contacts us in reference to a LSR that was submitted on their behalf by a third party vendor, we will refer the carrier back to the third party vendor.

Because the carrier is our trading partner in NPAC, we will speak directly to the carrier if there is a problem with subscriptions or if they need a concurrence on the due date.

Nextera Contact Information:

Brenda Voges: 218.818.6440 or bvoges@nextera.net

Business Rules:

In order to port an end user's telephone number(s) from Nextera Communications, you will need to provide a LSR with the following required information:

  • All telephone numbers on the Nexera Communication's account must be addressed. This is to include identifying all telephone numbers to be ported as well as any numbers to be disconnected and /or not ported. The numbers to be ported must all be addressed on the Number Portability page of the LSR. Any numbers to be disconnected or to remain on Nextera Communication's service must be addressed in the remarks on the Local Service Request page. Note: Telephone numbers designated as IA/TC on the Nextera CSR are part of a T1 package that requires the customer to maintain a 6-line minimum. If a LSR submitted requestes to take the customer below the 6-line minimum, the LSR will be rejected indicating that the remaining TNs on the IA/TC package must be either ported or disconnected. Porting or disconnecting all the RNs on the IA/TC package will also result in the customer's data service associated with the package to be disconnected at the time of the port.
  • A desired due date reflecting standard intervals must appear on the LSR.
  • If you are sending multiple LSRs for the same customer account, you will need to put a related PON (purchase order number) in the RPON field of the LSR.
  • A complete End User Information page must accompany the LSR.
  • Contact name, phone number and fax number for representative requesting / submitting information.
  • The End User Authorization field of the Local Service Request page must be filled in.
  • The CC field of the Local Service Request page must be filled in (this field insures proper routing of the request).
  • DID blocks cannot be broken up into a LNP order by requesting to port some DIDs and leave the remaining with Nextera. All the numbers in a DID block must either be ported or disconnected on the LSR.

LNP Procedure:

Nextera follows industry-accepted standards and guidelines for porting numbers. The following process indicates  Nextera's responsibilities as the Old Service Provider and the responsibilities of the New Service Provider.

  • When an FOC is received with a due date,  the order has been processed and has started moving through the organization in preparation for the port.
  • When the FOC has been forwarded to you, Nextera will enter a subscription in NPAC/LSOA. It is your responsibility to concur or accept the subscription. This will notify NPAC of the date you will port the number to your switch.
  • Failer to concur within 18 hours of FOC receipt, the subscription will fall out of NPAC/LSOA and will need to be re-entered. This process may cause delays in successful porting of number(s). In the event that you sup the DD on your order, it is your responsibility to ensure modifications of dates in NPAC after the initial release.
  • Do not port the number(s) prior to the due date on the FOC. In order for the port to be successful, this process must be timed perfectly. If you port the number prior to the agreed due date, the customer may not be able to receive calls.
  • If a port does not take place on the agreed due date, be aware that the numbers will remain with Nextera Communications and a sup must be received by Nextera Communications to reschedule the port. Do not port the numbers in NPAC/LSOA, the customer's service will be affected.
  • Sup'd orders must adhere to standard ordering intervals.
  • If a port does not take place on the agreed due date, and s up is not received within 5 business days of the port date, the order will automatically be cancelled.
  • Any LSR rejects that are not responded to within 5 business days will result in an automatic cancel of the LSR with Nextera.
  • Once you have activated any telephone number on the order in NPAC, you assume responsibility for the customer's service.
  • You may not request an extension or sup of the FOC date once you have activated any of the porting customer's telephone numbers in NPAC.
  • In the event that you are sending a DD sup on the FOC date and you have not activated the TNs in NPAC, it is not necessary to contact us. The customer's lines will remain in our switch until we confirm activation of the TNs by the winning carrier in NPAC.
  • Snap back requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. In the event that you are unable to provide service on the FOC date to the customer after porting the numbers in NPAC, Nextera may allow you to initiate a snap back of all the customer's telephone numbers to Nextera. Partial snap backs are not permitted. Once the telephone numbers have been removed from the Nextera switch we are unable to accept a snap back.