Private Lines

Nextera offers dedicated wired point-to-point T-1 connections, giving your business the ability to extend your network across cities. By taking advantage of our point-to-point services for the ever-growing data demands of your business, you will be able to run all your existing applications at higher bandwidths and with much greater security.

  • Scalable: Buy one circuit or bond up to 4 circuits for up to 6Mbs of bandwidth.
  • Symmetrical: Service provides symmetrical upload and download speeds from 1.5Mbps up to 6Mps.
  • Service Guarantee: Service includes service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99 percent availability with ability for customer to establish their quality of service (QoS) standards.
  • Format Options: Service includes framing options of D4 or ESF with line code options of AMI or B8ZS.
  • Customer Configurable: Customer establishes their own QoS standards or configuration of VLANs and prioritization of traffic.

  • Expandability: Nextera’s Private Line T-1 service is designed for flexibility to meet your changing requirements. Add an additional T-1 as needed.
  • Reliability: Service includes Service Level Agreement (SLA) including 99.99% reliability.
  • Cost Savings: Private Line T-1 service eliminates the need for multiple lines to support voice, data and video.

  • Voice Services: Nextera's T-1 service can be bundled with our industry leading VoIP platform which includes a variety of voice services including: local, long distance, Host IP PBX, SIP Trunking or Dynamic T-1. These converged voice and data services are dynamic which allows maximum usage for bandwidth for data when voice is not being utilized.
  • Point-to-point: T-1 connectivity ideal for businesses looking for dedicated bandwidth between office locations or configured via customer router to be a point to multipoint.



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Did You Know?

78.1% of individuals report living in a home with a high-speed Internet subscription. Minnesota is one of 26 states with rates above the national average, with 82.6% of the population living in a household with high-speed Internet use. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, published November 2014.