Email & Web Hosting

Nextera recognizes how critical it is to have reliable, uninterrupted email and website access in today’s fast-moving business world where every minute counts. We, therefore, deliver that reliability and security with email and web hosting services that have been engineered to accommodate even the most demanding of business requirements.


Nextera’s email hosting is stable, secure and reliable. You don’t need an Exchange server, eliminating significant cost and resources, and you still get IMAP email accounts which means you can have the same emails and folders in your webmail as you can in Outlook or Mail.

  • Webmail: Access your email box from any Internet browser. Sync with your Outlook, Apple Mail and mobile device to have the same emails always at your fingertips.
  • Protection: Protect your computer with Nextera’s free anti-virus and anti-spam scanning solutions.
  • Backup: Your email is backed up safely and often – never again lose your emails!
  • Local Support: When you have an email questions, our local customer and technical support teams are ready to answer your call.

Web Hosting

Nextera offers a range of web hosting packages to accommodate your business-critical web content. Nextera’s hosting is within a private server environment that has been designed to accommodate even the most high-performance demands of e-commerce applications, database functionality and video capabilities.

  • Smooth Transition: We’ll work with you to move your existing website and/or domain name from your previous provider to Nextera with minimal impact to your business.

Capability Windows Linux
Web Server IIS v6.x Apache v2.x
.Net v1.1 & v2.x Yes No
ASP Support Yes No
PHP Support No Yes
MySQL Support No Yes
FTP Access Yes Yes
FrontPage Extensions Yes No
FrontPage with FTP Access No No
SFTP Access No No

Domain Registration

Domain Registration is the process where a company or individual can secure a website domain, such as Once domain registration is complete, the domain is yours for a period of time which must be renewed at expiration or the domain reverts to being available to the general public.

Nextera provides the registration and/or transfer of your domain to be hosted by us. Once your domain is registered/transferred and your web site is ready, we can provide your web hosting.



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Did You Know?

Business class VoIP calls are carried over a private, managed network that ensures Quality of Service (QoS) for both voice and data traffic. Private networks connect to the internet and to the PSTN to ensure that voice and data traffic can reach users who are not part of the private network.