Case Study: Cat Auctions, Eagan, Minnesota

“Taking bids via the Internet during a live auction has become commonplace and accounts for a significant part of our audience. Without a quick, stable connection, we run the risk of losing that part of our audience. No bidders mean no bids. With Nextera’s connection, we don’t worry about that.”

Nate Dahl | Systems Product Manager | Cat Auction Services

Cat Auction Services is a full service heavy equipment auction company, specializing in construction, mining, complete dispersals, agriculture and truck auctions. Because of their partnership with Caterpillar®, Inc. and numerous Caterpillar dealers, they are able to hold online and live auctions that reach a worldwide audience.

Whether you’re onsite watching on the giant Leaderboard or at home on your computer, Cat Auction Services’ proprietary online bidding system provides video streaming to their audience in real time.

The Challenge: Big, Reliable Bandwidth for High-Performance Seasonal Needs

Streaming auctions to an international audience demands big bandwidth with consistently high performance. Downtime isn’t an option – it can result in a loss of reputation and revenue. For consistent connectivity with the power to deliver streaming video during online auctions, Cat Auction Services chose Nextera Communications’ fixed wireless service.

Cat Auctions

Cat Auction Services Conducting a Live Event

They initially contacted Nextera because they needed more than 5Mbps of wireless service for a four-hour DIA (Direct Internet Access) connection in NE Minneapolis. After a complimentary site survey was performed by Nextera’s field techs and a timeline had been established, Nextera’s fixed wireless service was up and running.

“We needed wireless capability with low infrastructure requirements and high bandwidth,” said Nate Dahl, Systems Product Manager for Cat Auction Services in Eagan, Minnesota. “Nextera’s fixed wireless was less expensive than traditional line-based connections and allowed us to meet our capacity needs during live auctions.”

The Solution: Fixed Wireless with Burstable Bandwidth

Cat Auction Services holds two auctions each year in the Twin Cities Metro. During each event they need big bandwidth that won’t let them down, but they don’t need it during the rest of the year. As a result, their Nextera Communications Account Manager suggested a unique Internet configuration to save the company money -- without sacrificing high performance.

Nextera recommended providing Cat Auction Services with bandwidth pipe customized to their specific needs, one that could run at a sustained rate of 3Mbps during auction off-season, but run full-throttle at 6Mbps during auction events. Known as scalable or burstable bandwidth, the company now has access to high-quality, big bandwidth on demand.

One of the unique features of a burstable connection is the opportunity for a customer to log onto Nextera’s website and use the MyStats program to manage their connections at any time. For Cat Auctions, this means managing a sustained rate of 3Mbps most of the year, and deploying a burstable rate of 6Mbps for their auctions. The customer can set a speed in one-half Mbps increments up to 6Mbps or decrease it back down to the 3Mbps at any time, and it immediately takes effect. This feature is only offered by Nextera Communications – you won’t find it anywhere else.

“The service we have received allows me to obsess about one less thing come auction day,” said Nate. “Without a quick, stable connection, we run the risk of losing that part of our audience. No bidders mean no bids. With Nextera’s connection, we don’t worry about that.”

To reach their audiences over such an expansive geographical area, the company uses 6Mbps of dedicated bandwidth with symmetrical upload and download speeds. Unlike traditional wired options, the bandwidth isn’t shared with other companies on the network, so it consistently delivers expected speeds. Auction attendees never have to ask, “What happened?”

“Our experience with Nextera has been great,” said Nate, “they’ve been proactive in determining if our needs are being met. They’ve been helpful, informative, and responsive to any requests we’ve had. I recommend Nextera Communications for their flexibility, cost-effective services, and reliability.”


About Cat Auctions

Cat Auction Services is a full-service heavy equipment auction company, hosting both live and online unreserved public auctions. Established in 2008, five Caterpillar dealerships came together to create the new standard of heavy equipment auctions. They created a company that would enhance existing customer relationships, while serving new customers by offering unparalleled services for both buyers and sellers.

Today, Cat Auction Services has the backing of 20+ Dealer Partners and Caterpillar, Inc. They put on heavy equipment auctions unlike those most people have experienced, and offer more options than other auction companies. In addition to both live and online auctions, they have an appraisal department, Cat certified TA-1 inspection reports and equipment protection plans. For more information, visit the Cat Auction Services website at

Solution Products

Nextera Communications deployed 6Mbps of fixed wireless with burstable capabilities that allows bandwidth to be increased as needed – ideal for companies with intermittent big bandwidth requirements. Upload and download speeds are symmetrical. For more information on fixed wireless and other Nextera services, explore the links below.