Unified Call Messaging (UCM)

Nextera's Unified Call Messaging (UCM) allows customers to control all of their messages – voicemail, email and fax. All of the messages are in one location to access either by telephone or on-line, no matter where you are, providing convenience and efficiency.

Nextera's UCM notifies you the way you want to be notified. If activated, Nextera's UCM can send you can email notifying you every time you receive a voicemail, along with the Caller ID information. If that's not enough, Nextera can notify you by email with the actual audio message attached so you can listen to the messages with your computer, forward messages to somebody else, or store them on your hard drive for future reference. You can turn these free features on or off at your convenience through the MyNextera web portal. With Nextera's UCM, you're only a couple clicks away from your messages.

Unified Call Messaging Guide (pdf)



With UCM, you receive all the funtionality of a traditional system that allows voicemail access remotely from any telephone. Nextera adds the capability of listening to voicemails through a computer by accessing your on-line inbox.

UCM is a robust email program that allows the standard capabilities of composing, reading, replying to and deleting emails, plus so much more. With a specialized text-to-speech converter, you can also listen to emails over the phone!

UCM allows you to recieve faxes in your email inbox. You then have the option to sign and return, route to a printer or remote fax machine, or store them on your computer. You will also be informed of faxes from your telephone and and forward them to a remote fax machine from your phone.



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