Nextera’s Voice Operator Panel (VOP) soft client allows your company’s operators/receptionists/admins and other high volume and fast paced users to process calls faster and more efficiently than any desk phone. Specifically designed for people answering and transferring calls, the VOP client runs as a program on the user’s PC and can also allow integration with email and CRMs. Transferring a call is as easy as doing a “drag and drop”.

Call Management

  • Each call has an icon showing its status and has a background color showing its processing priority.
  • Each call on hold, the duration is shown and turns to red when a configurable value is reached.
  • A Local directory identifies all extensions within your business group and associated name.
  • Callers are identified from the Local directory or other Directories (synched and/or imported from sources of your choosing such as Outlook, LDAP and XMPP). Callers are shown in bold when found in a local directory. Anonymous calls can be edited by the operator once callers have introduced themselves.
  • The operator can quickly pick up incoming calls, put them on/off hold, initiate unattended transfers or call users and initiate consultative transfers.
  • When multiple companies, site or departments’ lines are diverted to the VOP, the corresponding line number is shown thus allowing the operator to provide a different greeting.
  • In the Local directory, each user has an icon showing the status of their line. The operator can quickly decide when to transfer a call to a user. When the operator transfers a call to a busy phone the application automatically places the call on hold. When the phone becomes available the call is transferred without the operator intervention.
  • The operator can also initiate a call pickup (Intercept) by right clicking on a ringing phone or by clicking on a pop-up presence box which appears when a call is ringing.


  • Multiple directories are available to the operator (as configured by the user or administrator) to customize the information in the way to meet the user’s individual needs. The operator can also add new users on the fly directly from the incoming calls.
  • Directories, like all other windows, are dockable and can be moved and placed anywhere on the screen using drag and drop, each operator can customize his workspace to ensure that the most important information are always visible.

Finding Users

  • To ensure that the operator always find a user, searches can be done on any information available in the directories such as last name, first name, company, office, department, title, phone, mobile, home and email.

Contacting Users

  • To ensure that the operator can always contact a user to transfer a call or deliver a message, each user can have multiple contacts such as phone, mobile, home, voicemail, email or web.
  • To quickly send an email to a user, the VOP provides a built-in emailer which automatically fills the information from the call being processed by the operator.